Crimson Sparrow 
Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to Crimson Sparrow. Please carefully read our submission guidelines before submitting your manuscript to us. Please use the form on the bottom of the page to tell us more about yourself and send your manuscript to

1) We do not accept partial manuscripts nor do we review first drafts to determine if it is worthy for publication. Please wait until your manuscript is complete before contacting us. 

2) Please submit your manuscript in 12 point, Times New Roman single spaced with 1 inch margins in Microsoft Word. No page numbers. If your manuscript is part of a series you will need to submit the first chapter of the next book with your manuscript. 

3) Please include your author bio, blurb and dedication at the beginning of your manuscript.

4) Crimson Sparrow does not publish erotica.

5) If your manuscript has been published previously you will need to submit a release letter 

from the publisher with your manuscript.


6) If you have self published and your manuscript is accepted you will need to remove your book from all publishing sites and/or blogs at least one month ahead of your publication date. 

7) Children's books may be submitted with illustrations if you have them. 

8) Books will be published in print format if the manuscript is at least 50 pages.

9) Ebooks will be published if the manuscript is at least 10 pages.

10) Please note it can take 3 - 8 weeks before a reply will be given. We will always send you a reply whether or not your manuscript is accepted. If the manuscript has been rejected we will tell you our reasons. 


Crimson Sparrow
Submission Procedures

All submissions are carefully reviewed by our staff before acceptance. Please review the steps below that are taken with each new author submission request. 

Submissions are received and reviewed by the Director of Editing. If the manuscript is deemed acceptable the manuscript will be accepted into the editing department. If not, we will send a denial letter to the author with an explanation as to why it was not accepted.