Publishing Packages


Crimson Sparrow offers authors two different publishing packages with our company. Please review the options below.

  • 60% royalties paid quarterly

  • Cost of Production paid in full before production of book

  • Three year contract 

  • Ebook and Print

  • Audiobook created after the first ten sales of the book.

  • Three round of indepth editing

  • Three mock ups of cover

  • Book and author featured on website

  • Five copies of print book

  • Monthly Sales Reports

  • Discounts on Print Books ordered

  • Cover art included

  • The Quest Program

  • Loyalty Reward Program

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • Authors are responsible for marketing their book.


  • 40% royalties paid quarterly after the cost of production has been made. 

  • $200 deposit that goes towards the cost of production.

  • Cost of Production Sheet

  • Author makes monthly payments towards the cost of production. When the balance has been paid off the author will start to receive royalties. Royalties are applies towards the cost of production.

  • The Quest Program rewards are granted after the cost of production has been paid

  • in full.

  • Three year contract

  • Ebook and Print

  • Three mockups of cover

  • Three rounds of indepth editing

  • Book and author featured on website

  • Monthly Sales Reports

  • Discount on Print Book ordered

  • The Quest Program

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • Author is responsible for marketing their book


Author Copies

Authors may order copies of their print books directly from Crimson Sparrow by emailing Please state the following in your email:

1) Name of Author

2) Author's Phone Number

3) Title of Book

4) How Many Copies Desired

5) Address the Books Are To Be Mailed To

Crimson Sparrow will contact the author with the price of the books along with shipping cost, tax and service fee The service fee is $50 for every 50 books. Once the order has been confirmed by the author we will send a PayPal invoice to the author. We will not order print copies until the price has been paid in full.