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What's With Whispers in My Head?

Whispers in my head was made to be carnal. Brutal, and unapologetically human. No stepping around what pulls us to grief. What opens us to the ugly truth our hearts shield us from, and what our minds open us to. When I was writing Whispers in My Head, I thought about what it meant to die. What does it mean to watch someone die?

Through my life I’ve come across dead pets, roadkill, etc. Every time, there was one common factor. The bodies are never peaceful. Bodies come back with a vengeance. Sprits may leave, but the bodies haunt people in memories. Some animals are kind. My childhood dog died silently in her own hole. The night before she laid with me and said goodbye without my knowing. She was kind, sleeping almost. The body was cold and stiff. However, there are some animals that with haunt you. My families two-year-old Boston terrier hung himself on his lead rope that was as big as our farmyard. He wrapped himself around our swing set. His neck snapped quickly. There was no suffering, but his eyes. They bulged from his skull and his face was swollen and his tongue bloated out.

Death is kind. I wanted to embody death, as well as living. Nin is not a burden, or a devil. She is realty. She pulls from the illusion of life and brings Gen out of the shadow of death. Nin is not the villain, nor is she the saint. She is a thought. Gen is a society. A bruised, beaten society pulled and hung by those around her.

I wanted realism in my story. I wanted power. I wanted to pull and push the boundaries of the reader. I wrote so people would be disgusted. I wrote so they would be angry. I wrote Whispers in My Head to destroy the people who read it. I want them to root for Gen, hope for her, just for them to watch her fall. I wrote Whispers in My Head, to hurt people. I wrote Whispers in My Head to hurt myself. It’s that real raw hurt that draws a reader, and it’s that real raw pain that keeps them coming back. I wrote for love; I wrote for war. I wrote to give my readers something real. I wrote my story, for readers to listen to what their own ugly, disgusting whispers, and give them power in their own imprisoned heads.

R.P. is a heart-strong young lady, born and raised in Gainesville Florida. She dabbles in the fantasy, horror, and psychological thriller genres. She started her writing journey through Allison Bruning. The principle of Academic Warriors. She enjoys mind bending books and heartfelt stories. Her special interest are animals, random facts about the world, and research. She has hundreds of notebooks filling her room full of stories, not yet told. With the support of her colleagues, friends, and family, she hopes to show them all to the world.

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