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High School Student Pens Bestselling Short Story

Jake Summers, a high school student, from Arizona has published his first short story through Crimson Sparrow. Dark Quest, is a suspenseful story he wrote while attending Camp Write Right last year through Academic Warriors. It follows a young man in the 1990's who must defeat an evil entity, known as the Dark Force, after it had kidnapped his friend ten years ago.

Jake's story was published on March 15, 2021. His short story instantly became a bestseller on Amazon the same month it was released. Below is the first paragraph of his story.

Everything is normal. Sure, I failed medical school because of the guilt of losing my best friend, Tom, but I work at a 24-hour gas station. The sky’s baby blue, but I’m always distracted by having to help people, people who might pull out a gun and steal the money in the register. Other than that, I’m totally fine. My girlfriend couldn’t stand seeing me living this way, so she left.

Yesterday, my co-worker suggested that I take a trip back to my hometown, Soffscoff. I took his suggestion and now I'm driving back to my hometown. I stop at a rest stop, get out of my car, and walk over to a bench. There I finish reading a book I have. I read the last passage of the book which says, In the beginning, the universe was created, and the Divine Gem was formed. It was the most powerful crystal in the universe, but one day it created the light crystal. Because there was light, there was darkness. Someone used the Dark Crystal to create The Dark Force, and it always has to be balanced.

Jake is 15 years old and resides in the state of Arizona, though he was born in Missouri. He spends his time riding his bike, doing karate, and playing video games. He is also learning about programing, networking, and cyber security. His goal is to have the best job possible and creating the best stories that he can.

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