Educational Opportunities

Crimson Sparrow isn't your typical publishing house. We know it can be hard for new authors to understand how the publishing process works. It can also be overwhelming for anyone wanting to work in the industry. Our mission is to help prepare the next generation of authors, formattors, editors, graphic designers and illustrators for their careers within the publishing industry. How do we do this?

Crimson Sparrow offers the following opportunities. Please click the title of the program you are interested in to learn more. 

Young Authors

Students enrolled in the Young Author program learn the writing process, techniques used by authors to organize their thoughts and how to work with a publisher. At the conclusion of the program, students would have published at least two novels, a children's book and have stories in two anthologies. Their book will be released their books via Amazon, Smashwords, Google, iBooks and more. Students can earn prizes via The Quest for the amount of books they sell for a single title. Our Young Authors program is offered in connection with Academic Warriors, an online school for autistic, gifted and special needs students. Your students does not need to be autistic, gifted or special needs in order to participate. 


High School and College level students who are interested in working in publishing may apply to become one of our interns. Interns work directly under our Director of Formatting, Director of Editing or Director of Graphics and Illustrations depending up which area they choose to specialize in. Interns may chose from one of the following to specialize in: editing, formatting, illustrations or graphic design. They cannot serve in more than one at any given time.

High Students: The internship is a nonpaying internship for one year and may be renewable at the end of the physical year as long as the student has past an end of year evaluation of their services. Students may renew their internships until they graduate from high school. 

College Students: College students internships are for one year, are not renewable and are nonpaying. They may be given the opportunity to conduct freelance work for our publishing house after their internship should their service be approved by the director in the department in which they served in. 

Classroom Publishing Opportunities

Crimson Sparrow offers many different classroom publishing opportunities for educators in private, public and charter schools. Please click the title to learn more.