Delfin Espinosa


Delfin Espinosa has been writing poetry, fiction and nonfiction from an early age. He grew up in a small town in West Texas. His father worked on a ranch and that is where Delfin spent his high school summers working with his dad and older brother. Delfin has always loved the outdoors and that is where most of his inspiration has come from. Delfin grew up listening to country music. His dad, brother and him listened to the country music while driving in the ranch truck. Delfin grew up as a real cowboy working with cattle, building fences that stretched for miles. He loved the freedom of being in the outdoors. Delfin has always wanted to help people and this is what led him to go to nursing school. He graduated in the fall of 1992. He passed his boards in the Spring of 1993. He went on to work as a nurse for the next 20 years. Delfin is now a holistic and life coach.  He began writing professionally in 2013. He  continues to work on several books of his own. 


Short Stories

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